Pakistan is an Agricultural country and District Charsadda boasts vast arable lands with a big farming community. These are the reasons that the Department of Agriculture is one of the pivotal departments in Bacha Khan University, Charsadda. The department encompasses four disciplines: Agronomy, Plant Breeding & Genetics (PBG), Entomology and Human Nutrition & Dietetics (IIND). The Department has a focus to explore, generate and spread knowledge pertaining to agriculture for improving the agriculture sector and so to uplift the socio-economic status of the local farming community and across Pakistan, upon whom the security, peace and prosperity ofthe whole nation is based. The Department has highly qualified and experienced faculty, well equipped laboratories and a Research Farm for students and faculty members. And given the fact that Pakistan is an agricultural country with special focus on the development of the agriculture sector, our graduates have high demand in terms of attaining scholarships for higher study In developed countries and/or to get employment either in academia or agricultural industry.

  • Efforts in the right direction for the improvement of Crop Husbandry.
  • To produce young Agricultural Scientists & to improve the technological aspects of Agriculture by Developing a Working Coordination with Agriculture Research & Extension  Departments
  • To Deliver Highest Quality Academic Programs, Prepare Students for Careers in Food & Agriculture Industry & to Conduct Scholarly Activities.
  • To help improve the Standard of Life & Poverty Reduction

 Criteria for B.Sc. (Hons)

S.No Name of Department Criteria
1 Agriculture F.Sc. at least 2nd Division (45% Marks )

Criteria for M.Sc. (Hons)

S.No Name of Department Criteria
1 Plant Breeding & Genetics B.Sc.(hons)with specialization in PBG and  minimum CGPA of 2.5
2 Agronomy B.Sc.(hons)with specialization in Agronomy and  minimum CGPA of  2.5
3 Entomology B.Sc.(hons)with specialization in Entomology and minimum CGPA of 2.5
4 Human Nutrition & Dietetics B.Sc.(hons)with specialization in HND and  minimum CGPA of 2.5

Criteria for PhD

S.No Name of Department Criteria
1 Plant Breeding & Genetics M.Sc.(hons)with specialization in PBG and minimum CGPA of 2.5
2 Agronomy M.Sc.(hons)with specialization in Agronomy and minimum CGPA of 2.5
3 Entomology M.Sc.(hons)with specialization in Entomology/Plan Protection and minimum CGPA of 2.5
4 Human Nutrition & Dietetics M.Sc.(hons)with specialization in HND and minimum CGPA of 2.5

Duration of Degree

Department of Agriculture is running following programs:

  1. B.Sc.(Hons) Agriculture (Four Years)
  2. B.S HND (Four Years)
  3. M.Sc.(Hons) Agriculture (Two Years)
  4. PhD Agriculture             (Four Years)


Dr. Zahid Hussain
Bacha Khan University, Charsadda




S.No Name Designation Highest Qualification
1 Prof Dr. Salim Shah Dean of Arts and Science PhD PBG
2 Dr. Manzoor Ahmad Mashwani Professor PhD
3 Dr. Ikram Ullah Assistant Professor PhD
4 Dr. Majid Rasheed Assistant Professor PhD
5 Dr. Iftikhar Alam Associate Professor PhD
6 Dr. Shakoor Wisal Assistant Professor PhD
7 Dr. Wajid Ali Shah Assistant Professor PhD
8 Dr. Rooh ul Amin Assistant Professor PhD
9 Dr. Manzoor Ahmad Assistant Professor PhD
10 Dr. Rahamdad Khan Assistant Professor PhD
12 Dr. Saad Jan Assistant Professor PhD
13 Dr. Ali Sher Assistant Professor PhD
14 Dr. Asma Noshad Assistant Professor PhD
15 Mr. Attaullah Jan Lecturer MS
16 Mr. Hamza Iftikhar Lecturer MS
17 Mr. Aamir Khan Lecturer MSc (Hons)
S.No Name Designation Highest Qualification
S. No Description Principal investigator Funding Agency
Name of participant Title of conference / Seminar/workshop Date Venue Sponsoring agency