Prof. Dr. Khalid Saeed
Department of Chemistry
Bacha Khan University, Charsadda

At Bacha Khan University Charsadda, we take great pride in a campus culture focused on caring
for everyone in the Bacha Khan University family. The Dean’s office of graduate and post
graduate programs is designed to meet a diverse students population needs. The Dean’s office
plays an important role in that culture by working collaboratively with academic colleges to
create a campus culture that promotes students’ academic and career success, provides a safe,
healthy, nurturing and welcoming environment for the diverse students body, and creates a sense
of community and connection for our students on-campus. The faculty has produced several
graduates and is considered one of the best when its comes to professional business/ management
education within the country. Graduates of our faculty are placed in leading organization such as
(but not limited to) multinational corporations, national/international corporate sector,
government institutes, academia and various will reputed conglomerates. Our office also
provides support for the faculty-led graduate curriculum process, and we contribute to student
success by providing support and professional development opportunities for administers, faculty
and staff. Student success is every one’s business here at Bacah Khan University Charsadda, and
the office graduate as proud to partner with offices across campus to support our students. We
are leaving no stone unturned to provide excellent educational and extra-Curricular opportunities
for future leaders.

Prof. Dr. Khalid Saeed
Dean Faculty of Sciences