The Department of Chemistry, Bacha Khan University Charsadda, envisions that it will be recognized by institutions of higher learning for excellence in teaching, mentorship of students, and in innovative research in Chemistry. The Department will continue to offer the highest quality undergraduate (BS) and graduate (MS/MPhil & PhD) curricula. The Department will offer excellent and fascinating introductory courses which will both instruct and stimulate students in all of the University programs, including the areas of Computer Science, Biological Sciences, Sociology and Applied Mathematics, along with the Department major programs

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Dr. Khalid Saeed
Head of Department
Bacha Khan University, Charsadda

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1 Dr. Hussain Gulab Associate Professor PhD
2 Dr. Khalid Saeed Professor PhD
3 Dr. Muhammad Saadi Assistant Professor PhD
4 Dr. Fazal Akbar Jan Assistant Professor PhD
5 Dr. Farzana Haider Assistant Professor PhD
6 Dr. Zarbad Shah Assistant Professor PhD
7 Dr. Said Ali Assistant Professor PhD
8 Dr. Muhammad I bal Assistant Professor PhD
9 Dr. Muhammad Idrees Assistant Professor PhD
10 Dr. Muslim Raza Assistant Professor PhD
11 Dr. Azhar I bal Assistant Professor PhD
12 Dr. Khadim Hussain Assistant Professor PhD
13 Dr. M. Abdul Haleem Assistant Professor PhD
14 Dr. Muhammad Naeem Khan Assistant Professor PhD
15 Dr. Falak Naz Lecturer PhD
16 Dr. Arif Nawaz Lecturer PhD
17 Mr.. Zafar 1 bal Lecturer M.Phi1
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