Department of Mathematics & Statistics Bacha Khan University, Charsadda (BKUC) started in September 2011, while it was a Campus of Abdul Wali Khan University, Mardan (AWKUM). Initially it was Department of Mathematics, but in 2016, it becomes The Department of Mathematics & Statistics. The Department offers BS (four years), M.Sc (two years) and M. Phil (two years) degree programs in Mathematics and intends to start the same programs in Statistics. These programs have been designed to produce better qualified and more competent manpower to meet the needs of the society in general, and to provide expertise in Mathematics, to solve problems in other areas such as Physics, Chemistry, Engineering, Economics, and Industry etc. It has further been designed to motivate, create interest in Mathematics and thus help in creating a scientific culture in the country. Besides this the faculty of the department teaches Mathematics in almost all the disciplines of the university. Mathematics has been declared as a core subject for all levels in physical as well as social and management sciences by the HEC.

The Department of Mathematics & Statistics will offer courses and programs of study that will ensure that the student learner will be able to contribute to today’s society. The students will obtain abilities to critically assess numerical and graphical information; learn to formulate strategies for solving problems; and acknowledge the importance of being intellectually curious throughout their adult lives. The Department, through its faculty, will continue to contribute to the body of knowledge of the discipline, whether in traditional research, applied research, or research in the teaching of Mathematics.

Mathematics develops computational skills, critical thinking, and problem solving skills. The theory, discipline, and techniques taught in Mathematics courses are especially important in today’s society. The faculty of the Department of Mathematics & Statistics recognizes this and strives to ensure that the student learner obtains this knowledge. At the same time, the faculty contributes to the discipline by fundamental research in pure and applied Mathematics, Statistics, and Mathematics education.


Program offered:

  • BS Mathematics
  • Phil Mathematics
  • PhD Mathematics (the case for NOC is under process)


Department of Mathematics & Statistics is offering BS program (4-year), M. Phil (2-year) and PhD (near in future) in Mathematics. Program has been designed according to the scheme of studies approved by the Higher Education Commission (HEC) of Pakistan to assure the quality education to equalize it with national and international standards. The program aims to produce quality students who are able to prepare themselves for advance studies, teaching and research in Mathematics as well as careers in other related disciplines. In this regard the Department of Mathematics & Statistics will provide them with possible facilities and guidance.


  1. Build and enhance computational skills necessary in today’s society.
  2. Develop the student’s ability to critically interpret numerical and graphical data.
  3. Develop and enhance the student’s problem solving skills.
  4. Encourage and reinforce the critical thinking skills of the students.
  5. Develop the student’s ability to intelligently communicate mathematical results in both a written and oral format.
  6. To enhance the knowledge of students to move to higher levels of independent learning.
  7. To be a resource in the Mathematical sciences for other disciplines whose own activities have an ever-increasing need for the power of the Mathematics.
  8. To work closely not only with colleagues from other discipline within university but also with colleagues from the local schools and community colleges who share the responsibility of ensuring the flow of a mathematically literate and confident generation of new students.
  9. To embrace the notion such that change such as is manifested in computer technologies and educational reforms can be beneficial.
  10. To enhance learning and enrich the intellectual environment.
  11. To utilize Mathematics as a tool in various field of Industrial and Applied Sciences.
  12. To provide quality education with modern and scientifically tools so that graduates may possess globally outlook.

Programs Admission Criteria

S. No Program Eligibility Criteria
1 BS Mathematics

 F. Sc. (Pre-Engineering)/FCS/FA (Statistics, Maths, Economics) or equivalent with at least 2nd Division (45% Marks)


2 M. Sc Mathematics BA/B. Sc (with Maths A) with at least 2nd Division (45%Marks)
3 M. Phil Mathematics BS/M. Sc Mathematics with at least 2.5/4 CGPA or 2nd Division (45%Marks)


Dr. Aasim Ullah Jan
Head of Department
Assistant Professor
Bacha Khan University, Charsadda

S.No Name Designation Highest Qualification
1 Dr, Noor Rehman Assistant Professor PhD (Mathematics)
2 Dr. Zeeshan Assistant Professor PhD (Mathematics)
3 Dr. Nosheen Feroz Assistant Professor PhD (Mathematics)
4 Mr. Imran Khan Lecturer PhD (In Progress)
5 Mr. Faheem Jan Lecturer (Statistics) M.Phil (Mathematics)
6 Mr. Muhammad Sohaib Lecturer M.Phil (Mathematics)
7 Mr. Muhammad Uzair Lecturer M.Phil (Mathematics)
8 Mr. Attaullah Lecturer M. Phil. (Mathematics)
9 Mr. Adnan Wadood Lecturer M. Phil (Mathematics)
10 Mr. Muhammad Shakeel Khan  Lecturer M. Phil (Mathematics)
11 Dr. Muhammad Shoaib Khan Lecturer PhD (Mathematics)
S.No Name Designation Highest Qualification
1 Siraj Khan LDC M.A
2 Aizaz Ali Shah  LDC  M.A

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