Our vision is to share in the healthcare system by producing competent, responsible, morally, and ethically sound pharmacy graduates to serve in hospitals, community pharmacies, academia & research as well as other related fields. Also, our vision is to share in promoting national economy by direct linkages with Pharmaceutical Industries, Health Care Providers, and other related entrepreneurs by extending cooperation in terms of joint ventures/projects as well as Research & Development. We want to provide a broad-based platform for the graduates and research scholar to excel in research and developments in the field of Pharmaceutical Sciences

Our mission at Department of Pharmacy is to produce competent Pharmacy Graduates well equipped with the knowledge of all major disciplines including Clinical Pharmacy, Pharmaceutical Care Units, Industrial Pharmacy, Pharmaceutical Marketing, Quality Control of Drugs and Community Pharmacy to compete, both, at national and international level. More focused basic and applied research in the field of Pharmaceutical Sciences aiming at the needs and benefits of the society will be promoted. We are committed to provide a peaceful and conducive atmosphere for learning, personality development with equal opportunities to all segments of the society. We expect our qualified graduates to contribute as effective member of the healthcare system in the country as well as to meet the present and future challenges in the field of Pharmacy, both, at national level and abroad

Program objectives

.      Program Details: Currently, the department of pharmacy offers “Doctor of pharmacy” (Pharm. D.) five years program.

Ms. Dur E Najaf
Bacha Khan University, Charsadda


S. No        Name Designation Regular/ Contract/ Fixed Pay
1 Dr. Muhammad Hassan Assistant Professor Fixed pay
2 Dr. Muhammad Ibrar Assistant Professor IPFP
S. No Name Designation Regular/ Fixed Pay/ Contract
1 Danish Iqbal Lab Suprendent Fixed pay
2 Abdu Rahman Computer Operator Fixed pay
3 Shah Hussain LDC Fixed pay
4 Tufail Lab Attendant Fixed pay
5 Abdul Akbar Khan Naib Qasid Regular

Not provided By Department

Not provided By Department

Not provided By Department