The Department of Physics BKUC was established in Fall 2018 to produce highly competitive scientists, equipped with the most advanced technological tools of the modern era. It is committed to excellence in teaching, research, and promoting a learning and scientific inquiry culture. The Department of Physics aspires to High Standards of Excellence in all aspects of Teaching, Research, and Service. For this reason, the Department of Physics, along with the QEC, is committed to periodic evaluation of its programs opting for their enhancement, and development in the light of new international trends in the field of Physics.

The courses for these disciplines have been designed with the express aim to impart a clear insight into basic sciences and develop strong experimental and technological skills. These programs provide a firm foundation for employment in industry and R & D organizations and opportunities to pursue academic and research-oriented careers.

Each department should be at the core of the academic life taking place in the university. Not only the scientific traditions are attached to Physics, but also social, democratic, and ethical values, the sharing of humankind’s common values, critical reasoning, and its programs aimed at reinforcing the motivations and skills of its students are considered a top priority. The BKUC Physics Department aims at projecting the scientific and technological developments to society and bringing up its students as educated individuals who are adeptly equipped for life and able to apply for privileged graduate studies.

The Department of Physics considers its mission within the scope of academic excellence and leadership in physical sciences. In this frame, the mission of the Department of Physics is

  • To produce well-prepared students capable of understanding physics in pure and applied sides and confident about their abilities to undertake challenging tasks and research projects.
  • To provide students with full pledge training in the subject of Physics to improve their skills in terms of creativity, precision in thinking, and analytical skills.
  • To produce students who bear social responsibility, respect, and care for each other.
  • To develop scientific knowledge and skills acquired to start a career in both academia as well as in industry.

The Department has dedicated itself to lifelong learning through academic and social programs; acquisition of new knowledge through research activities; becoming a strong center of attraction in the national and international arenas with its undergraduate, and postgraduate programs.

Currently, the BS program is offered and admission in M.Phil program will be announced very soon.

Dr. Dr. Wilayat Khan
Head of Department
Assistant Professor
Bacha Khan University, Charsadda


S.No Name Designation Highest Qualification
1 Dr. Amina Assistant Professor  Ph.D
2 Dr. Haleem Ud Din IPFP Fellow  Ph.D
3 Dr. Naveed Ur Rehman Assistant Professor   Ph.D
4 Mr. Saad Haroon Anwar Lecturer M.Phil
5 Mr. Adnan Khalid  Lecturer  M.Phil
S.No Name Designation Highest Qualification
1 Mr. Atiq Ur Rahman Office Assistant  MA
2 Mr. Asim Jan Lab Attended FSc
S. No Description Principal investigator Funding Agency

A seminar with title “Black Holes and Gravastar” was organized by the Department of Physics, Bacha Khan University Charsadda in collaboration with the Department of Physics, Peshawar University at committee room, Bacha Khan University Charsadda, dated 3rd February 2020.