About Oric

Office of Research, Innovation and Commercialization (ORIC) has been operational since 02/08/2017 at the University of Bacha Khan University Charsadda, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa under the guiding principles of Higher Education Commission (HEC) for establishing Offices of Research, Innovation and Commercialization (ORIC) at Universities. It is a matter of immense privilege and pride to arbitrate the significance of the Office of Research Innovation and Commercialization (ORIC) that is in fact a source of educational upheaval, inspiration and establishment of industrial linkages between the industries and University of Bacha Khan. The mission of ORIC is to develop, expand, enhance and manage the Universitys research programs and to link the research activities directly to educational, social and economic priorities of the University. ORIC is also responsible for assuring quality of research, submission of research projects, introducing research culture and raise stature of the University among the worlds best research institutions. We, at BKUC keep our faculty abreast by disseminating the latest information through emails about internships, scholarship programs, funding and sponsors. Most of the information is sought from HEC Portal. We realize the challenges that had previously hindered universities to play an active role in the development of the societies. Keeping in view, at ORIC we are focused and committed in developing strategic and quality enhancement policies. With the aim to strengthen the BKUC knowledge ecosystem, to meet the ever-growing challenges of time and grow the collaborations at broader level with academia, private and international organizations

ORIC Staff


S. No Name Designation Qualification Contact No Email
1 Dr. Hamid Ali Khan Assistant Director ORIC Ph.D 091-6540117 director_oric@bkuc.edu.pk
2 Mr. Zia Ur Rahman Manger for Research Operations & Development MS-CS


Ext. 344

5 Mr. Muhammad Asif Jan Research Associate MS in progress   091-6540117 asifjan@bkuc.edu.pk
5 Ms. Shehla Rahim Computer Operator MSc Statistics   091-6540117 shehlar87@gmail.com

Project wins

S# PI Name Department Funding Agency Amount Year Status
1 Dr. Muhammad Shakeel Biotechnology NRPU 6637050/- 2022 In Process
2 Dr.  Fayaz Asad Botany SRGP 477600/- 2018 Completed
3 Dr.  Fawad Ali Chemistry SRGP 10,00,000/- 2021 In Process
4 Dr.  Zarbadshah Chemistry PSF 2 million 2019 Completed
5 Dr.  Fazal Akbar Jan Chemistry NRPU



2019 Completed
6 Dr. Muhammad Idrees Chemistry NRPU



2019 Completed
7 Dr. Muhammad.Iqbal Chemistry NRPU



2019 In Process
8 Dr. Tabassum Yaseen Botany NRPU 7,136,749/- 2019 In process



Dr. Wilayat Khan Physics SRGP 436500/- 2019 Completed
10 Dr. Tabassum Yaseen Botany SRGP 386000/- 2019
11 Dr. Aaqib Majeed Mathematics SRGP 430900/- 2019 Completed
12 Dr. Fazli Rahim Botany SRGP 580,525/- 2019 In Process
13 Dr. Abdul Wahid Botany SRGP 429145/- 2019 Completed
14 Dr. Khadim Hussain Chemistry SRGP 5,00,000/- 2019 Completed
15 Dr. Qazi Adnan Ahmad Geology SRGP 500,500/- 2019 Completed
16 Dr.  Imtiaz Ahmad Botany SRGP 300000/- 2019 In Process
17 Dr. Faheem Khan Computer Science SRGP 495000/- 2018 Completed
18 Dr. Mehtab Khan Mathematics SRGP 361900/- 2018 Completed
19 Dr. Muhammad Yasir Management Sciences SRGP 285000|- 2018 Completed
20 Dr. Saad Jan Agriculture SRGP 416900/- 2018 Completed



Dr. Abdul Basit Botany SRGP 488,250/- 2018 Completed
22 Dr. Raham Dad Agriculture SRGP 449000/- 2018 Completed
23 Dr.  Hamid Rehman Mathematics SRGP 55000/- 2017 Completed
24 Dr.  Ajmal Khan Biotechnology NRPU 934432/- 2021 In Process
25 Dr.  Sajjid Ali Shah Biotechnology NRPU 539570/- 2021 In Process
26 Dr.  Muhammad Hamayun Management Science SRGP 265000/- 2018 Completed
27 Dr.  Wajid Ali Shah Agriculture SRGP 495800/- 2017 Competed
28 Dr.  Jahangir Khan Economics SRGP 10,00,000/- 2021 In Process
29 Dr.  Muhammad Imran Economics SRGP 3,54,240/- 2018 Completed
30 Dr.  Arshad Khan Bangash Sociology & Political Science TRGP 400,000,0/- 2018 Completed
31 Dr.  Arshad Khan Bangash Sociology & Political Science LCF 16,183,944/- 2021 In Process
32 Dr.  Rahamdad Khan Agriculture SIOP 386,500/- 2018 Completed
33 Dr.  IrfanUllah Shah Management Sciences SRGP 10,00,000/- 2021 In Process
34 Dr.  Manzoor Ahmad Agriculture SRGP 456000/- NA NA
35 Dr.  Rooh ul Amin Agriculture PSF (NARC) 2500000/- NA NA
36 Dr.  Sajid Ali Chemistry SRGP 462000/- NA NA
37 Dr.  Said Hassan Biotechnology SRGP 1.96 Million NA NA
38 Dr.  Abu Nasar Siddique Biotechnology SRGP NA





39 Dr.  Ajmal Khan Biotechnology NRPU NA





40 Dr.  Roohul Amin Agriculture CIMMY, USAID, Islamabad 2.500 million NA NA

Ethical Institution Review Board (EIRB)